Our home moving checklist can help you make your move much easier. 


Home Moving Checklist

6 to 8 weeks prior:

  • Purchase or rent moving supplies: tape, markers, scissors, pocketknife, newspaper, blankets, moving pads, plastic storage bins, rope, and a hand truck. Free boxes can usually be obtained at a local supermarket, but consider purchasing wardrobe boxes for clothes. 
  • Have a garage sale to clear out unwanted items and plan accordingly. Consider donating unwanted items. 
  • Keep a detailed record of all moving expenses. Your costs (and donations) may be tax deductible depending on the reasons for your move. 

2 weeks prior:

  • Hire a reputable mover or rent a moving truck. Be sure to get referrals or references, check with the Better Business Bureau, get estimates and purchase moving insurance. 
  • Two weeks before moving day, contact your telephone, electrical, gas, cable/satellite, refuse and water companies to set a specific date when services will be discontinued. Contact utility companies in your new town about service start dates, including Internet and telephone services. 
  • Notify healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists, veterinarians) of your move and ask for referrals and record transfers. 
  • Register children for school and ask for school records to be transferred. 
  • Notify lawn service, cleaning and security companies when service should be terminated. Advise the post office, publications, and correspondents of change of address and date of the move. 
  • Check your homeowners' insurance and make arrangements for new coverage. 

Moving day:

  • Have tools handy for breaking down beds and appliances. Give every room a final once-over. Don't forget to check in with your local CENTURY 21 Agent - he or she may be able to provide useful local advice and/or referrals.

TIP: Move valuables (jewelry, legal documents, family photos, and collections) yourself - don't send them with the moving company. Make sure you have a complete home inventory of all your possessions.