Welcome to March, y'all!

March, a month marked by 65-degree days followed by snowfall 48-hours later. We love the way Boone weather keeps us on our toes—it is certainly never boring! We had a fantastic month in February, and we are ready to welcome the spring as it turns the beautiful High Country green once again.

One thing we are particularly excited about this month, is our new video series, "What's-Up Wednesday," in which we keep you up-to-date on our team and life in the High Country. We'll be releasing a new video every Wednesday at 8pm, everything from a peek into our office, to interviews with our agents, to recommendations on where to eat and what to do in the area. At Century 21 Mountain Vistas, we are not only members of our community, but we are raving fans and we want to share what we know with you!

Whether you're buying or selling a home, one of the key factors in your success is having the right real estate agent. For that reason, we are excited to show you just who we are, so that you know the exceptional level of excellence to expect when working with a Century 21 Mountain Vistas agent. This week's video features Linda Loescher, an enthusiastic and hardworking agent we are pleased to call part of our team. Check out the video below to get to know Linda:

What's Up Wednesday: Linda Loescher

To learn more about the rest of our amazing team, see the page below:

About The Century 21 Mountain Vistas Team