Earl Starkey, Luxury Listing Specialist

Earl Starkey


Century 21 Mountain Vistas

202 Southgate, Suite 19 Boone, NC 28607

Meet Earl Starkey

Earl has lived in the area for about fifteen years but his wife grew up here. He truly understands the attraction to the area. He thinks the high country is a great place to raise a family, live full-time or even enjoy part-time. Earl currently lives in Fleetwood with his wife of 20 years, their daughter, and two dogs. Earl has had several jobs that prepared him to understand real estate. He has worked in commercial construction, maintenance, installed custom trim and cabinetry, and even owned and operated his own business. Earl also got to experience finishing his own home. He knows the importance of hard work, listening to his clients, and reliability. Earl has valuable experience in negotiating and communicating which he will put to work for you. Earl doesn’t know a stranger and enjoys talking about real estate. He likes to convey a friendly yet professional atmosphere. If you are looking for someone to have your back while investing in the largest buy or sell of your life, call today. He looks forward to putting his knowledge and experience to work for you.

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