Elizabeth King

Life is about experience, and how you express yourself throughout the journey. Not just how one takes from those experiences, but how you give back. My background consists of sales, marketing, purchasing and business development. I gave a lot of myself to help those companies grow, but it wasn't very fulfilling. What it did give me was the ability to hone my skills, and apply them to what I do today. (Spoiler Alert... it's real estate, after all, my handle is eakrealtor). About 12 years ago, I took my daughter to look at a house. It was a new construction, and beautifully decorated. The colors sang to me, the texture of the fabrics invited me to caress them, and the house welcomed me as though I was already home. Walking through the house, my creative side was in it's element...  however my analytical brain also needed to be fed. When the salesman came into view, I immediately began firing off questions, compiling information, and analyzing numbers and other fine details. I remember the salesman asking me if I was in real estate. My daughter tugged on my arm, and smiled her lopsided grin. The one she gives when she knows something I do not. I laughed, and answered "no, why do you ask"? The salesman shifted from foot to foot, and said I knew my stuff. I have always held an interest in real estate, but had never made the transition. Years later here I am, a Realtor, but I. AM. NOT. your cookie cutter Realtor. I've traded business attire, and stiletto's for my signature Converse, or hiking boots (after all, I do reside in the Appalachian mountains), jeans, a graphic tee, and if weather and drive-ways permit, a sport bike. Yes, I do show up showered, tresses combed (most of the time, they are wild curls... we battle often), but I'm no longer trying to "fit in" to a mold someone else has created. My goal of finding buyers not the right house, but the right home, and helping sellers properly market and sell their home so they can begin a new chapter of their life is both satisfying and rewarding. Yes, there are still hurdles to contend with... I call them negotiations, home inspections, and appraisals, but ultimately, things come together, because I work hard to help you realize your goals by marrying my creative side with my analytical side. So while I'm terrible at baking cookies, I am not your cookie cutter realtor. If you're ready to be shaken, and not stirred, send me a text or an email, and let's make your real estate goals happen together, because let's face it, there's no me without you!