Eric Thomas, Luxury Listing Specialist


Century 21 Mountain Vistas

202 Southgate Drive, Boone


Meet Eric Thomas

A former opera singer and university professor, Eric has sung with opera companies and symphony orchestras throughout the United States and in Europe. After many years “on the road” the desire to put down roots led him and the Thomas Clan to relocate to where their hearts had always been—the North Carolina High Country!

And those roots are spreading! In addition to his real estate duties, Eric is the Director of Music for the Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church in West Jefferson and is a member of the Beech Mountain Volunteer Fire Department.

During his many years traveling the globe, Eric has developed a unique sense of people and place, and a valuable sensitivity to culture and people's needs. Once a part-time resident of fifteen years, Eric now brings an understanding of the High Country from both a part-timer and full-timer's perspectives. A resident of Beech Mountain, he and his family can be found out and about nearly every weekend, during every season, taking advantage of the High Country's many natural and cultural resources.

The attention to detail Eric honed in his previous profession serves him well in negotiating the complicated details of a real estate transaction, while his ability to identify with people on an intimate level enables him to respond to their needs in a tangible way. His belief that the High Country is the perfect place to live, raise a family, or have a second home make him a perfect choice to help sell your house—or find your perfect home.

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