Luke Fowler


Born and raised in Boone, my heart has always been in the High-Country. After graduating from Watauga High School, I attended North Carolina State University where I studied Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  After graduation, I returned to Boone, engaged to marry another native, and with a Baccalaureate of Arts degree.

After getting married, we decided to keep our new life in our hometown, close to our families. 

I found work in the construction industry, and after a few years decided to get my own general contractor's license. My brother and I incorporated Method Construction in the still booming year of 2006.  We had several years before the recession and then learned how to stand by our quality, but be small and still strive. We continue to offer quality construction services big, and small to the area.


As our family grows, I look forward to serving the community and growing my business in helping match people with their dream homes in our beautiful area.

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