Sally Hedrick

  Hello!  I just wanted to share a little about myself so you will know who you are working with.

I was born in Perry, Florida to Bill and Paula Cloys.  We moved from there when I was 5 years old and since my Dad worked for Procter and Gamble, we moved many times after that.  I guess you can say I have been in the ‘looking for a house’ business all my life.  My family moved into two different houses in every town we lived in.  This instilled in me a real love for home architecture and the art of how to make a home your own. 


To carry on with that theme, after I graduated from the Auburn University Business School, I moved to the Atlanta area and met my husband at a church retreat for young professionals.  He is an architectural engineer, of course Bill and I have been in the home remodeling business together since.  Hedrick Remodeling has served the Dunwoody, Alpharetta and Roswell areas for 28+ years. Real Estate is the perfect addition to that business here in Boone.  


What has brought me to Boone, NC?  Well, our eldest of two daughters married a great guy who was a raft guide and in moving Lucy up to the mountains my wanderlust kicked in. A year later we found a wonderful old house built in 1903 with a few acres in bottomland perfect for an organic vegetable co-op. 


Our youngest daughter is helping with all three businesses.  Katya desires to raise sheep for wool on our farm as her own enterprise.  She is a great assistant to me and you may be hearing from her from time to time.